ProgTime: выпуск 22
Авг 26th, 2010 by BeSpaleva

Новый выпуск Prog-Time посвящен творчеству коллектива Meshuggah

Russian True: выпуск 10
Авг 23rd, 2010 by Moleculo

В эфире долгожданный 10-й выпуск передачи:

Как рубить настоящий Industrial
Авг 19th, 2010 by Moleculo

Группа «Ржавые болты» дает мастер-класс как рубить настоящий индастриал метал!

Апдейт 18.08.2010
Авг 18th, 2010 by ALuserX


Вот я тут песенок добавил, надеюсь УГ не прошел, но если таки-да, то пишите на форум об этом. Этот апдейт также помогали собирать nesovsemenot и Stardert. Итак.

Победители передачи «Прославься или сдохни»:
Aeteros — Freak Show
Aeteros — Lust.Pain.Hate
Бал Шутов — Личинка Майского Жука
Бал Шутов — О Галлюциногенной Жабе
ДАЙТЕ2 — Немного Рока
ДАЙТЕ2 — Vis Pacem
Грачи — Weekend
Кошки Jam — Человек и Человек
Кошки Jam — Сон Ц
НЭмо — Между Небом и Землей
НЭмо — Напополам
Слэпом в глаз! — Будь Собой

Апдейт nesovsemenot:
Capkonamco — I H8 Nintendocore
Circles — Thunder Carniva
Fighter X — Now Rock
Keaton Hashimoto — Faint (Remix)
Keaton Hashimoto — From The Inside (Remix)
Keaton Hashimoto — In The End (Remix)
Kola Kid — Contra
Hidenori Maezawa — Contra Main Theme
American Dog — Dog’s Life (Live)
American Dog — Just An Alcoholic (Live)
American Dog — Shitkicker
Dope — Die Motherfucker Die
Enter Shikari — Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour
Enter Shikari — Thumper
Franz Ferdinand — 40
Franz Ferdinand — Bite Hard
Franz Ferdinand — Jacqueline
Franz Ferdinand — Live Alone
Franz Ferdinand — No You Girls
Franz Ferdinand — Ulysses
Franz Ferdinand — What You Meant
Ill Nino — This Time’s For Real
Johann Sebastian Bach — Toccata & Fugue In D-Minor, BWV565
Led Zeppelin — Gallows Pole
Ministry — Warp City (Alt Mix)
Muse — Knights Of Cydonia
Muse — Supermassive Black Hole
Nine Inch Nails — Big Man With A Gun
Nine Inch Nails — Closer
Nine Inch Nails — Gave Up
Nine Inch Nails — Heresy
Nine Inch Nails — Hurt
Nine Inch Nails — Piggy
Nirvana — Heart-Shaped Box
Nirvana — You Know Youre Right
Oomph! — Das Letzte Steichholz
Oomph! — Wenn Du Mich
Ronald Jenkees — Guitar Sound
Scissor Sisters — Intermission
Scissor Sisters — Kiss You Off
Scissor Sisters — Laura
Scissor Sisters — She’s My Man
Scissor Sisters — Tits On The Radio
Sound Tribe Sector 9 — Beyond Right Now (Ronald Jenkees Remix)
Space — Ballad For Space Lovers
Space — Just Blue
Therion — The Perennial Sophia
Unkle — Can’t Stop
Unkle — Hold My Hand
Unkle — Morning Race
Unkle — On A Wire (Feat. Elle. J)
Unkle — Restless (Feat. Josh Homme)
Vangelis — Chariots Of Fire
Vinnie Moore — Awaken The Madman
Xandria — Emotional Man
Xandria — India
Yeah Yeah Yeahs — Dull Life
Yeah Yeah Yeahs — Gold Lion
Yeah Yeah Yeahs — Honeybear
Yeah Yeah Yeahs — Zero
Messer Chups — Flash of the Night
Prophetic Dream — Anima
Prophetic Dream — Beautiful Events
Basil Poledouris — Crystal Palace
Basil Poledouris — Elite Guard Attacks
Basil Poledouris — The Scrolls Of Skelos
Refused — New Noise
Ennio Morricone — For A Few Dollars More (Movie Version)
Ennio Morricone — The Vice Of Killing
Ennio Morricone — Titol
Yoko Kanno — Torukia
Ennio Morricone — Chi Mai (Secondo — Violins Solo)
Ennio Morricone — The Man With The Harmonica
Ennio Morricone — Tepepa
Brad Fiedel — T2 Main Title
Brad Fiedel — Trust Me
Ennio Morricone — The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Апдейт Stardert:
Gone Jackals — Legacy
Sonic Mayhem — Audio Adrenaline
Andy McKee — Drifting
Billy Squier — Lonely Is The Night
Bob Marley — Buffalo Soldier
Cage The Elephant — Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked
Chesney Hawkes — The One And Only
Dan ar Braz & Alan Stivell — Pop Plinn
Dark Tranquillity — One Thought
David Bowie — God Knows I’m Good
David Bowie — I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship
David Bowie — Space Oddity
Deep Purple — Speed King
Dire Straits — Heavy Fuel
Disturbed — Fade To Black (Live Metallica Cover)
Eagles — Life In The Fast Lane
Eluveitie — Everything Remains As It Never Was
Eluveitie — Primordial Breath
Eluveitie — The Arcane Dominion
Eluveitie — The Song Of Life
Eluveitie — Within The Grove
Eluveitie — Your Gaulish War
Elvis Presley — Guitar Man
Enigma — T.N.T. For The Brain
Finntroll — Fцrsvinn Du Som Lyser
Gob — Mr. Sandman
Godsmack — Awake
Godsmack — Get Up, Get Out!
Godsmack — Temptation
Infected Mushroom — Riders On The Storm (Remix)
Iron Maiden — Run To The Hills (Live)
Jimi Hendrix — Future Trip
Jimi Hendrix — Happy Birthday
Jimi Hendrix — The Ballad Of Jimi
Marilyn Manson — Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Eurythmics Cover)
Megadeth — One Thing
Metallica — Holier Than Thou
Metallica — Phantom Lord
Metallica — The Day That Never Comes
Metallica — The Memory Remains
Metallica — Too Late Too Late (Motorhead Cover)
Murder By Death — Comin’ Home
Nine Inch Nails — Discipline
Nirvana — Lithium
Otis Taylor — Ten Million Slaves
Pat Metheny — Unquity Road
Quiet Riot — Bang Your Head (Metal Health)
Red Hot Chili Peppers — Road Trippin’
The Answer — Preachin
The Dubliners — The Rocky Road To Dublin
The Mamas & The Papas — Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Рубль — Сандали
Тролль Гнет Ель — Верная Пинта
Roger McGuinn — Ballad Of Easy Rider
Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie — Jeeves And Wooster Main Theme
Mike Simpson — Shake Your Groove Thing
Danny Elfman — What’s This?

Мой апдейт по заявкам с форума:
Rushjet1 — Shattered Glyph Medusa, v.2
Frank Klepacki & Dwight Okahara — Slitherin
Frank Klepacki & Dwight Okahara — Turbulence
Dan Forden — The Bridge
65daysofstatic — Mountainhead
Alice Cooper — Love’s A Loaded Gun
Alien Ant Farm — Wish
Amen — CK Killer
Andrew W.K. — I Get Wet
Babylon Zoo — Animal Army
Babylon Zoo — Spaceman
Babylon Zoo — The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes
Bjork — Play Dead
Black Sabbath — Computer God
Black Sabbath — The Sign Of The Southern Cross
Bon Jovi — Runaway
Bryan Adams — Summer Of ’69
Cinderella — Shake Me
Cinderella — Shelter Me
Cruachan — Some Say The Devil Is Dead
Dave Matthews Band — Cortez, The Killer (Feat. Warren Haynes) (Live Neil Young Cover)
Death By Stereo — Bread For The Dead
Death By Stereo — D.B.S.F.U
Death By Stereo — For All My Friends (The Unity Song)
Death By Stereo — I Got Your Back
Death By Stereo — Welcome To The Party
Deep Purple — Child In Time
Deep Purple — Contact Lost
Deep Purple — Flight Of The Rat
Dio — Dream Evil
Dio — Evil Eyes
Dio — Fever Dreams
Dio — Holy Diver
Dio — I Speed At Night
Dio — Institutional Man
Dio — Jesus, Mary And The Holy Ghost
Dio — Killing The Dragon
Dio — Lock Up The Wolves
Dio — Night People
Dio — Rock ‘N’ Roll Children
Dio — Scream
Dio — Stand Up And Shout
Dio — Strange Highways
Dio — We Rock
Dire Straits — So Far Away
Dire Straits — Ticket To Heaven
Dire Straits — Walk Of Life
Eagle-Eye Cherry — Save Tonight
Edguy — Superheroes
Elf — Hoochie Koochie Lady
Emperor — Cosmic Keys To My Creations & Times (Live)
Eric Clapton — My Father’s Eyes
Europe — Rock The Night
Foreigner — Double Vision
Foreigner — Say You Will
Frontside — Martwe Serca
Gary Moore — Still Got The Blues
Genesis — Land Of Confusion
George Harrison — My Sweet Lord
Hammerfall — At The End Of The Rainbow
Hammerfall — Detroit Rock City (Kiss Cover)
Hammerfall — Hammerfall v2.0.07
Hammerfall — I Believe
Helloween — A Tale That Wasn’t Right
Hollies — Bus Stop
Iamerror — The Metal Gear Song (Rough)
Jane’s Addiction — Just Because
John Paul Jones — Daphne
Jon Lajoie — Too Fast
Judas Priest — Turbo Lover
Metallica — Whiskey In The Jar (Thin Lizzy Cover)
Moonspell — Everything Invaded
Moonspell — Luna
Moonspell — Magdalene
Nazareth — Place In Your Heart
Ozzy Osbourne — See You On The Other Side
Poison — Something To Believe In (Live)
Praxis — Ekstasis
Praxis — Transmutation 2
Praxis — Transmutation 5 (Ascent)
Queen — Innuendo
Queen — Princess Of The Universe
Rainbow — Gates Of Babylon
Rainbow — Snowman
Rob Zombie — Dragula
Santana — Smooth
Science Faxtion — Life-IS IN-DeLiver
Science Faxtion — Lookin’ For Eden
Science Faxtion — Take You Down
Scorpions — Humanity
Slade — Let’s Call It Quits
Slagsmalsklubben — Alla Dessa Galaxhjaltar
Slash — Godfather Theme (Live)
Smokie — Have You Ever Seen The Rain
Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows — Ein Freundliches Wort Hat Meine Seele beruhrt
Spin Doctors — Two Princess
Staind — Outside
Status Quo — Burning Bridges
Status Quo — In The Army Now
Status Quo — Whatever You Want
The Chemical Brothers — Escape Velocity
The Chemical Brothers — K+D+B
The Flying Cunts Of Chaos — Daysheet Blues
The Lost Fingers — Pump Up the Jam
The Strokes — Heart In A Cage
The Strokes — Juicebox
The Strokes — Vision Of Division
The Who — Behind Blue Eyes
Travis — Sing
Van Halen — Ain’t Talking ’bout Love
White Town — Your Woman
X Japan — Orugasumu
X Japan — X
Zebrahead — Rated U For Ugly
НАМ — 5500
НАМ — Волна
Пикник — Истерика

ProgTime: выпуск 21
Авг 18th, 2010 by sektor

Очередной час необычной и красивой музыки. Каков на слух музыкальный стиль с названием зюль (zeuhl), о котором и пойдёт сегодня речь?


ProgTime: выпуск 20
Авг 4th, 2010 by sektor

Группа Pain Of Salvation не первый раз в гостях ProgTime. В прошлый раз они уже звучали одной песней с альбома Entropia. На этот раз мы поговорим о коллективе от начала до конца.


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